Friday, April 10, 2009

Guess who's 2??

On March 26th little Miss Addison turned 2! It's so hard to believe that she's been part of our lives for 2 years now....of course, we can't imagine life without her :)

On her birthday we started out the day by trying to get a halfway decent picture of her in her 'Birthday Girl' t-shirt. This is no small feat these days since Addison never seems to be still unless she's sleeping, and even then she's all over the place! After 16 pictures (literally) I got this shot of her and Sampson.

Since it was a nice day we headed up to the park after naptime.

After the park Addison insisted on helping me make her birthday cake :)

Next we were off to dinner at The Rock for Addison's!!! Or 'pi-a' as she calls it since she hasn't quite mastered the z sound :)

After dinner Addison got to open presents with us, Grandma & Grandpa D'Ambrosio, Auntie Tricia and Uncle David.

Next up...cake!

We had a great time celebrating and we still can't believe our baby girl is 2!!