Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

Yesterday Tricia and I (and Erik and David too!) hosted a surprise party for my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  Since my parents were in Ireland for the past 3 weeks we were able to do all the planning without making them suspicious so things worked out perfectly and we were able to totally shock them!!


It was so fun to surprise them with a re-creation of their wedding cake from Borrachini’s.  In the background we had a picture blown up from their wedding along with a recent one from a photo session last summer.


My best attempt at making a cake topper out of flowers.  It actually resembled theirs fairly well :)


Everyone was surprised when my dad’s sister Diana (next to my dad in the purple shirt) and her husband Carl (in the striped shirt) walked in.  They live in Metlakatla, Alaska so we definitely didn’t expect them to make it!!



We were also able to surprise them with a visit from my dad’s sister Donna (in the striped shirt) and her husband Tom (in the blue) who came over from Twisp, WA.  In the end, all my dad’s brothers and sisters were here except for Donald who lives in Montana.IMG_0261IMG_0263 Tricia and David

IMG_0265IMG_0269 Cutting the cake

IMG_0278 IMG_0283 My grandma and Aunt Diana

IMG_0285 Mom and Sandy

IMG_0288Addison and Grandma having fun!

IMG_0291 (2)  Our best attempt at a family photo :)

IMG_0294IMG_0301Happy Sophie :)


A huge thanks to everyone who came and made the day so much fun!  Also, thanks to Erik who put together a fabulous slideshow of pictures from the past 30 years.  I think we’ll be watching that at family functions for many years to come :)

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  We love you both very much!!

Happy 27th Birthday to my little sister Tricia!!

We’re looking forward to celebrating with you later today!  xoxo


Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to wish a VERY happy birthday to the best mom (and grandma!) I could have ever hoped for.  We all love you very very much.


Denise, Erik, Addison & Sophie (and Sampson too!)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

The rest of July was filled with lots of fun activities for Addison - and Sophie too…although she pretty much just lies there :)DSC07367 

We also saw her first real smiles on July 11th.  I can promise they were much cuter in person!DSC07372

First up was Chases’s 2nd birthday (one of Addison’s BFFs)

DSC07377 DSC07378

Addison was a daredevil…as usual.


This is what happens when you attempt to get a group picture of 6 2 year olds!  Of course no one was surprised that Addison was ON the table.

DSC07385 DSC07386 DSC07388

Addison and Chase checking out his new toys.


After the party they started wearing these hats…it was so cute to watch them help each other get them on!


Then they had a big discussion about what kind of music to play :)


Happy Birthday Chase!!  Addison is so glad that you’re friends. 

4th of July weekend

Well…it’s been almost 2 months since my promise to be better about updating this blog.  Oops…I guess I forgot that having two little ones leaves me a little short on free time  :)

My last post was at the end of June – just after Sophie turned 1 month old.  Since then time has just FLOWN by.  We started out July with a little trip to Camp Sherman, Oregon to visit Erik’s family for the 4th of July.  We celebrated at the annual BBQ at the Camp Sherman store. 


Not a great picture of any of us but family shots are hard to come by these days!!  The rest of the evening pretty much went down like this…


At least it was nothing that cookies couldn’t fix :)


The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and just hanging around at the house which is one of the most relaxing places EVER!  Addison had a great time hanging out in the garage with Erik, Uncle JoJo (Jordan) and Papa.  She was obsessed with Papa’s riding lawn mower so he tried to take her for a ride but she wasn’t having it!


Of course there was lots of quality sister time too.

DSC073453DSC073463 DSC073473

Our next trip to Camp Sherman is coming up in 2 weeks and we CAN’T WAIT!!